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VisitorVille: Virtual VCR

VisitorVille monitors your website traffic on a 24/7 basis, and stores traffic information so that you can "play it back" whenever you want using the VisitorVille Virtual VCR. It plays back like a VCR, but you don't have to 'record' anything -- VisitorVille does it for you automatically.

Indeed, you can select any time of any day, click the VCR's Play button, and see your traffic recreated exactly as it happened -- either in normal speed, or as fast as 1000x normal speed!

With VisitorVille's integrated Log Analyzer, you can also play back your traffic directly from your server log files.

Just choose the date and time you want to start playback, then click the Play button ... Traffic data is instantly downloaded from the VisitorVille server, and playback begins...



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