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VisitorVille: Track Your eBay® Auctions the VisitorVille Way!

With VisitorVille, you can do things that are simply not possible with other "counters":

Actually see your bidders -- represented by avatars -- in Real Time at each of your auctions.

Watch search engines and other referrers deliver people to your auction pages.

24/7 data archiving... Unlimited auctions... Unlimited simultaneous auctions... Plus, play back your traffic from any day and time as if you were rewinding a VHS player.

See bidders lurking, bidding, sniping -- in a virtual room that represents your auction.

See repeat visitors and bid winners represented graphically.

Learn which search terms are used to find your auctions -- even have them read to you in real time.

Get dozens of reports telling you everything you need to know about visitor behavior, length of stay, exit pages, and so much more.

Take advantage of the dozens of other powerful features that VisitorVille has offered for years, at no additional charge.



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