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VisitorVille Voice: Real-time speech (and sound effects) alert you to visitors and search terms

VisitorVille isn't just visual, it's audible!

VisitorVille's female voice can feed you different sorts of information. I find the most fascinating setting of this friendly text-to-speech lady if you let her read search terms to you. That's right, whenever people arrive at your page ... you will hear what search terms they entered... All in all, a brilliant new idea within an already brilliant statistic software. -- Google Blogoscoped.

VisitorVille Voice

VisitorVille Voice is an audio component of VisitorVille that can speak to you in real time, telling you:

  • Key details about any visitor of interest.
  • The real-time search terms being used to find your Web site (ex. "Search term: 3D Mailbox")
  • Alerts when a specific VIP has arrived.
  • The domains of arriving visitors (ex. "Google.com has arrived")
  • The domains of departing visitors (ex. "Google.com has left")

VisitorVille Voice benefits you by speaking to you in the background, while you're attending to other business. When an important visitor arrives, you're instantly notified. When search terms are used to find your site, you are instantly aware.



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