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There's a buzz in the air about VisitorVille...

Like WebTrends, but better...

VisitorVille contains and presents all the statistical information that standard Web-site traffic-analysis packages such as WebTrends do, but it translates the statistical information into visual metaphors... The application may initially sound like a gimmick, but it's surprising how much information about a site it conveys all at once... There are a million stories in the naked city. VisitorVille is one of the most original ways to see their cumulative effect. -- PC Magazine

You will wonder how the others survive...

I've tried out several web analysis programs over the past few years. Some were very deep and useful, some were shallow and useless. All required lots of digging and...lots of work. Visitorville has all the depth and usefulness, and makes the work....FUN! Read all the comments here, then get this software. You will start viewing your stats in ways you never imagined you could. Plus, they throw in live help & chat for free! And, as if offering this fabulously fun analysis program is not enough, they top it off with the best support I have ever seen -- nearly instantaneous, extremely helpful, all with a "bend over backwards" to get it done attitude. Once you start using Visitorville, you will wonder like I do, how the others can survive. -- Barry W., Brodwax Lighting

Blows the competition out of the water...

As far as features, VisitorVille blows anything else I have seen out of the water -- Lockergnome


This is one of the most unique analytics solutions available... For very visual people this is a really fun way to check out your stats, and it has some great realtime features... It also has ecommerce stats and page overlay features, making it a pretty darn complete application. -- ConversionRater.com

Beautiful and professional

Because of the beautiful design it will give the impression that VisitorVille isn't a professional counter, and that the appearance was more important then visitor details. This however is not the case. -- WebUpon.com


VisitorVille is like Website Stats meets The Sims®. It's the coolest thing to happen to traffic reporting ... ever. -- Dr. Nick Longo, CEO, CoffeeCup Software

VisitorVille changed the way we operate

Visitorville has changed the way Movie-Warehouse operates completely. Without the visibility to see how users were navigating the site we were flying blind. It was like running a store without being there in person manning the register. Now we can see in real time what people find interesting and what is not working. -- Dwight Smith, Movie-Warehouse.com

Most visually appealing interfaces I've ever seen

VisitorVille brings the gaming experience to web stats. Everything you need to know about your traffic can be seen in one of the most visually appealing interfaces I have ever seen. -- Scott Swedorski, former Editor-in-chief, Tucows.com

Most Unique

I've worked in Web Analytics for awhile and yours is certainly the most unique approach I've seen. Picture "The Sims" meets WebTrends. -- Eric Peterson, WebAnalyticsDemystified.com.

SimCity® for traffic nerds

Website Analysis Isn't a Game. But that doesn't mean it can't look like one. VisitorVille employs a graphical, urban metaphor to present real-time Web visits. It's SimCity® for traffic nerds... The software appeals to users on visceral and pure business levels. It can provide business owners with all the crucial trend data of its more established competitors, yet also has tools built in that can alert site owners who aren't even looking at their computers to what their visitors are doing... -- Wired

Extremely fascinating

I had the chance to take a trip to VisitorVille. At its core, it's a web statistic visualization tool, but that would be like saying Mona Lisa is a smiling lady. In fact this extremely fascinating piece of software manages to make your web site come alive... I was showing this software around in my office, and this is the stuff to make grown system administrators giggle in awe... -- Google Blogoscoped.

One of the best examples of complex visualization I've ever seen

A great example of how visualization can renew and reinvent otherwise prosaic, tedious processes. More fun than Bloomberg terminals but deadly useful, a new service called VisitorVille combines a live data service with a Windows desktop client to offer a SimCity®-like visual metaphor for understanding website traffic...VisitorVille is one of the best examples of complex visualization I think I've ever seen... -- Ian Bogost, Water Cooler Games.org

Web stats are boring. Ooh, you got this many unique visitors. Here's a table to prove it. And if you really want to push the boat out, how about a nice pie chart? No thanks. If I'm going to look at web stats, I want them in the form of a 3D city with buildings for pages and little people representing visitors. Just like VisitorVille. -- Computer Arts

If business people today could make sense of Web site statistics they wouldn't hire people like me to analyse them... This has to be the most fun software ever devised to take care of a boring task... Now you can understand your visitors and take action to make your site easier to visit. It's easy to install and learn... and with a 30-day money back guarantee... why not try it? ... -- RideTheWave.

VisitorVille is the bomb! It is the coolest thing to happen to site stats since . . . I don't know . . . . log files? It's super easy to setup and you can specify multiple domains/sites with one account. One of the coolest features about VisitorVille is the idea that you can track different pages in your site as different profiles/sites... It's very addictive and I can't see myself living without it! -- DorkySpice.com

Knowing exactly how visitors find and interact with your site is very valuable information that you can use to help boost your "click to close" ratio. However, most of the Web statistics services currently available offer a mind-numbingly large array of graphs and charts that can be confusing and well...boring to read. Now there is a unique way to track your site visitors in real time that not only makes their visits more real, it can also be used as a powerful listing tool. -- ePOWER! News.

This is the sort of product that'll get people huddled around your desk... Traffic analysis to amaze your friends... The concept is fantastic. -- Internet Magazine (UK).

Most Efficient Web Visitor Analyzer: VisitorVille. This one took us by surprise. VisitorVille is a piece of software that brings to life web traffic like nothing we've seen before... Very entertaining to watch. However behind the visualization there is also a web log analysis tool rivaling the best out there. -- Meta-Efficient: A Guide to the Most Efficient Things in the World

VisitorVille is a website administration tool that essentially converts your traffic data into a mini SimCity® -- visitors to the website arrive in buses representing the search engine that brought them to your site, buildings represent the number of pages you have and the little visitors go into the buildings as they visit different pages. Of course, there are a lot of power features as well, showing a full range of data about individual and groups of visitors. I like the idea a lot, since it communicates real-time information about your own site in a way that is as easy to understand as watching a crowd. -- STREETTech.com.

This week's GnomeWARE is a treat, indeed. I've seen some cool programs during my Internet times, and I've seen some innovative things, as well. VisitorVille is one of those cool and innovative things, and I'm in love with it. I never thought I would be this excited or this amused by a statistics program! VisitorVille takes your normal, boring traffic and brings it to life. You see people, taxis, buses, and more instead of numbers and a jumbling of text and browser tags, etc. All you have to do is put a little bit of JavaScript into your pages, download a software program, and voila! You're watching your traffic in real time. There's even an option to watch past traffic to your site using their Virtual VCR.

VisitorVille is a great new twist for your normal traffic statistics. You've got your little town of pages, your people and even traffic jams. Like so many really great things, there is a fee involved, but don't worry. It's not a bank breaker and I'm sure after playing with it you'll agree it's worth every penny!

I'm off to watch my traffic from last night; I'll see you around town! -- Lockergnome ezine.

A superb web tracking service. In fact, I'm rapidly getting addicted to it... One of the best things about VisitorVille is the reporting options it offers... I leave VisitorVille open when I'm not using my PC, when it happily takes on its role as the most rewarding screensaver in the world by showing me the constant ebb and flow of visitors around my corner of cyberspace. -- GeekTips.com.

I must say this is the best software I have ever seen. With first class support.- Colin E., AnsonInternet.com

I've worked in Web Analytics for awhile and yours is certainly the most unique approach I've seen. Picture "The Sims" meets WebTrends. -- Eric Peterson, WebAnalyticsDemystified.com.

VisitorVille must be the most interesting idea for stats tracking I've ever seen. -- David C., Swagu.com.

Highest rating (5/5 cows) at Tucows.com.

Visitorville provides web site intelligence and analysis in a format that any board member or investor will understand. -- VisitorVille member.

Very addictive - I literally can't tear myself away from the computer! More entertaining than The Sopranos. -- Trisha M., HoneymoonsBySunset.com

This is THE BEST program ever made...seriously! -- Jennifer C., NowYouDidIt.com

I absolutely love VistorVille. It's fun, informative and simply great all around. -- Kathy C., MaryMae.com
You have tapped into a need of which we are intimately aware: all the marketing directors we work with on the sites we develop are perpetually frustrated with the commercial stats packages. -- VisitorVille member

Never has there been a drier subject than Web analytics, nor a more tedious task than dissecting one’s own site traffic. The necessary chore lies at the heart of online marketing, though, so VisitorVille provides a welcome feeling of gamesmanship. -- The Search Engine Marketing Weblog
Now I don't care for repeated information, but sometimes things are just so cool you HAVE to repeat them. A while back I briefly reviewed the program VisitorVille. Well I've still been playing with it and I'm still super impressed by it. All playing aside, this is a serious piece of software. You get the same stats as those higher-priced services but you get it delivered in a way that makes viewing your stats less like a chore and more like belonging to a community. -- Lockergnome.com

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