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VisitorVille: Screenshots

Monitoring your web site traffic has never been so seriously fun.

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VisitorVille City Screenshot

A Web Analytics Information Explosion

VisitorVille Suburb Screenshot

Detailed Visual Website Analysis

  • Switch to VisitorVille's "suburb" map for a different visual spin on your web traffic
  • Same deep analytical information, in a more restful suburban environment :)

VisitorVille Skyscrapers

Dynamically Resizing and Illuminating Skyscrapers

  • Buildings grow and shrink in real time proportionate to the number of visitors on your site
  • Buildings also light up, go partially lit, or go dark based on the presence or absence of visitors. Perfect for visualizing exit pages.

VisitorVille Click Analyzer Screenshot

Visual Click Analyzer

  • See what percentage of visitors click on any of your links.
  • Instantly determine the effectiveness of your web site architecture.

VisitorVille Zoom Level 2

View Your City at a Glance

  • VisitorVille has 3 zoom levels, and can rotate 360 degrees, to give you the perfect view of your visitors and their behavior
  • Monitor as many pages, and as many websites, as you like!

VisitorVille Zoom Level 2

Dozens of Reports

  • Pull up reports for any timeframe in an instant
  • Generate charts with a click
  • Save reports in XLS, HTML, or TXT



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