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VisitorVille: Privacy Policy

Last revised: April 2, 2010

The following information describes how VisitorVille handles the information we gather about visitors to our customers' web sites, as well as information about our customers' use of VisitorVille for Windows to monitor their traffic and generate reports.

General Privacy Information

VisitorVille, owned and operated by World Market Watch, Inc., is committed to respecting and safeguarding the privacy of customers and visitors to its web site. VisitorVille is also committed to the same for sites using our service, and for visitors to those sites insofar as they are affected by VisitorVille.

Privacy Statement for Visitors to Sites Tracked by VisitorVille

No Personal Information: VisitorVille does not collect personally-identifiable information from visitors to our customers' web sites. "Personal Information" is defined as an individually identifiable data such as name, age, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, fax number, gender, credit card information, or other such data.

No Data Combination: Since VisitorVille does not collect personal information, it also does not combine traffic information with personal information.

Data Aggregation: VisitorVille does not collect individual profile information for visitors across multiple sites, nor does it use any other source to aggregate individual information across multiple sites.

Anonymity: VisitorVille logs IP addresses of web visitors exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes.

Anonymous Cookie Usage: VisitorVille uses cookies only for anonymous traffic analysis. The cookie information does not include personal information. In addition, VisitorVille does not link cookies to personal information.

Limited Cookie Usage: VisitorVille uses cookies to track information such as whether this is a first-time or a repeat visit. The cookies never include personal information. We do not collect such information and visitors that we track cannot provide us with personal information.

Privacy Statement for Customers Using VisitorVille to Track Their Web Sites

Confidentiality. All the statistical information we compile for your web site(s) is considered confidential. Information about your website is protected by a variety of methods, including Triple-DES and SSL encryption technology, and is available only to you, the member.

Treatment of Information. VisitorVille will not access, modify, or otherwise divulge the statistical information we compile for your site for any purpose. The sole exception to this is the aggregate, anonymous, not-site-specific information that we compile across all sites for the purpose of statistical analysis.

No Use of Cookies. VisitorVille does not use cookies to track our customers in any way. Cookies are only used, as described above, for anonymous traffic analysis of your web site visitors.

Personal Information. VisitorVille collects personal information (name, address, e-mail address, credit card data, etc.) when you join as a paying member of VisitorVille, and only uses this information to: 1) Facilitate billing for our services, 2) Authenticate that you are the rightful holder of the credit card used to pay for our services, 3) Contact you in the case of a billing problem. Under no circumstances will VisitorVille release your personal information to any third party at any time.

For additional information

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please use our Inquiry form to e-mail us.



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