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VisitorVille: Meet The Mayor

Thanks for dropping by VisitorVille. I'm the Mayor of this bustling burg. Answering to nobody but my citizens, I am not your typical self-elected official. And VisitorVille is not your typical service.

Before founding this company, I worked for McKinsey & Company, the leading management consulting firm in the world. McKinsey helps CEO's of the world's largest corporations understand what's happening in their companies through the use of rigorous analytics and simple graphics.

VisitorVille was born from that experience. I wanted to create a serious analytics tool that would be understandable by anyone in an organization, including the CEO.

It's common knowledge that people learn best, and perform more effectively at work, when they enjoy what they are doing. VisitorVille's mission, since 2003, has been to merge hard data with light fun. Judging by what people say, we have succeeded.

I encourage you to emigrate to VisitorVille. If you want revolutionary insight into your web site and its visitors, then VisitorVille is home for you.

Thanks for visiting VisitorVille.

Robert Savage
Mayor, VisitorVille



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