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VisitorVille: Tracking Real-Time Google Adwords Conversions

With VisitorVille, you can see which Google Adwords clicks result in sales -- in real time!

Specify a Landing Page for your Adwords Campaign in VisitorVille

Assign a landing page for each Adwords campaign you run

The Google bus delivers each visitor to that page, with audio alerts to notify you.

In VisitorVille, search engines are represented by buses. They deliver your visitors.

Easily track specific ads within your campaigns to see which ads are generating sales. The ad name shows up along with the visitor!

See which specific ads bring visitors to your site and result in sales conversions

Create a custom filter to list sales conversions that resulted from Google Adwords clicks.

See how many Google Adwords clicks result in sales

A custom list now shows you -- in real time -- which of your sales are coming from Google Adwords.

See how many Google Adwords clicks result in sales

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