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VisitorVille: Frequently-Asked Questions

Answers to your questions...

What's the difference between VisitorVille Hosted and VisitorVille Log Analyzer?

  • VisitorVille Hosted is a live tracking service that lets you monitor and analyze your traffic in real-time.
  • VisitorVille Log Analyzer lets you read your web log files directly into VisitorVille, for analysis and to "play back" historical traffic.

Can I just use the Log Analyzer and not the Hosted service?

  • If you don't want to insert tracking code into your web pages, then yes, you can use the Log Analyzer alone.

I'm not a computer whiz. Is VisitorVille difficult to set up or run?

  • VisitorVille is designed with user-friendliness as our top priority. Our mission has been to create a program powerful enough for a Fortune 500 CIO, but easy enough for a casual Ebay merchant.

How does VisitorVille monitor my web site traffic?

  • When you join VisitorVille, you specify which pages on your site you want to monitor (there is no limit). We provide you with a small snippet of HTML code, which you insert (automatically or manually) into each of the pages you want to monitor. From then on, monitoring goes on in the background, and the data is securely stored on VisitorVille's servers. Whenever you want to view real-time or historic traffic for your site, you simply launch the 'VisitorVille for Windows' client on your PC desktop.

Do I have to install any software on my web server?

  • No. For VisitorVille Hosted, only a small snippet of HTML code is placed within the web pages that you want to monitor. This HTML code is invisible to visitors to your pages. VisitorVille does not have, or require, any kind of visible link or banner to be placed on your pages. For VisitorVille Log Analyzer, no alteration of your web pages is required.

Is cancelling my VisitorVille Hosted membership problematic? I worry about companies who do not honor cancellation requests.

  • We have taken the uncertainty and ambiguity out of cancellation. The biggest problem with companies who do not honor cancellation requests is that they do not provide a written, time-stamped confirmation of cancellation requests. VisitorVille provides instant written confirmation of you cancellation request -- which is done conveniently through a membership wizard within VisitorVille itself -- so you have a paper trail and zero chance of misunderstandings.

Can I host VisitorVille on my own server(s)?

Does my web server need to have a specific operating system?

  • No. VisitorVille can track any site, independent of its underlying operating system.

Can I track a website that is not under my direct control? Like Amazon.com?

  • No. VisitorVille can only monitor sites that are under your control.

Can VisitorVille show me what other sites my visitors have visited?

  • Apart from search engines and other referrers, no. That would be an invasion of privacy.

Does VisitorVille "spy" on my web site visitors, or collect personal information?

  • No. All the information that VisitorVille collects and organizes is the same anonymous information that is already available in your web server access logs. It uses this information exclusively to perform anonymous statistical analysis for you. Please refer to our privacy policy for full details.

What do the objects in VisitorVille represent?

  • Each person in VisitorVille represents a real visitor to your site. The different clothes each person wears indicates what kind of visitor that person is (business, academic, governmental, military, etc.).
  • Each house in VisitorVille represents a web page on your site. When a person visits one of your web page, it is reflected in VisitorVille as a person visiting a house/garden.
  • Each bus in VisitorVille represents a referrer (search engine or other external link that the visitor followed to reach your site). When a bus delivers a visitor to the gate of a house in VisitorVille, it is mirroring a referrer that brought a visitor to a specific page on your site.

How many web pages can I track?

  • You can track an unlimited number of web pages on your site.

Do I have to pay additional fees if I want to monitor more than one website?

  • No. You can monitor as many websites as you like.

Are any ads displayed within VistorVille?

  • No.

Who is the intended user of VisitorVille?

  • Anybody who owns or administers a web site, and wants to understand what is going on in a richly visual, intuitive way.

How do I view historical traffic on my site?

  • Use the VisitorVille Virtual VCR to play back traffic (at various speeds!) for any day or time in the past.



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