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VisitorVille: Enterprise Deployment

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Host VisitorVille Autonomously, on Your Own Server

No Meter, No Limits. Comfortably handles 450,000 hits per day without load balancing.

Host VisitorVille on your own server(s) and enjoy full autonomy with VisitorVille Enterprise.

With VisitorVille Enterprise, you are able to:

  • Host all VisitorVille software on your own server(s)
  • Use VisitorVille's Log Analyzer in addition to the Hosted Service
  • Provide as many people in your company as desired with the VisitorVille for Windows client software
  • Monitor an unlimited number of domains and pages
  • Monitor and archive your web traffic 24/7 on your own servers
  • Host VisitorVille Live Help (both normal and secure) with an unlimited number of operators


  • Free installation and configuration of software by a VisitorVille engineer
  • Free technical support by phone or e-mail (That's right, no support contract needed)
  • Free Updates
  • No additional modules to buy
  • No surcharges

What you need

  • x86 compatible (Intel, AMD): single, dual or quad
  • Minimum 528 MB RAM
  • SCSI HDD(-s) 18 GB or larger: can be a single one, or two in RAID 1 configuration
  • 100 Mbps or faster full-duplex network interface(s)
  • Any Linux distribution capable of running in intensive mode.

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Licence agreement

Usage of VisitorVille Enterprise is subject to the terms of a License Agreement.



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