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VisitorVille is a Windows program that you install on your PC. You don't need to install any software on your web server.

The installation kit below has it all: 1) the full version of VisitorVille Hosted and VisitorVille Log Analyzer, 2) Fully Integrated Live Help and Direct Chat, and 3) a FREE 3-day trial period.

Tip: To start the 3-day free trial, no credit card is required, but you need to select the "New Membership" radio button during the installation.

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  • Download/Install the VisitorVille installation file. Current version: 4.1

    Click the link below, and choose "Save Target As". Select a download folder on your PC, and click on "Save".
    VisitorVille Has Very Basic System Requirements: Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 4 MB video card. DirectX 7.0 or higher. Suggested screen resolution: 1024x768x16.

A Note On Privacy
  • If you select the Free Trial during the program set-up, you will be asked for the same information (name, address, email, etc.) that we ask for those paying immediately. However, we do not ask for payment information for the trial. Some people wonder why we ask for personal information when registering for a trial, and the answer is that it makes the transition from the trial to a normal subscription seamless. In other words, if you choose to subscribe to VisitorVille during or after your trial, it will be a lot easier to do so with your real name than "asdfg", and with your real email address rather than "a@a.com". If you do not subscribe, nothing is done with your information. We are a small company, and have run VisitorVille since 2003. We do not spam in any form, nor do we sell/trade/rent/or otherwise provide any of your information to anybody.



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