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VisitorVille: CPC PPC SEO Reports

See simply and clearly how your pay-per-click ads are performing...

CPC, PPC, SEO... A lot of acronyms related to online pay-per-click advertising. What's more confusing than the acronyms, though, is how to know if your ad campaigns on Google and Overture are performing well for you.

VisitorVille's Ad Campaign Reports give you detailed performance information for every keyword in every Google or Overture ad campaign you are running.

Search Engine Reports

See how your cost-per-click search terms are performing with VisitorVille's Search Term Reports. No tracking URLs needed. Just import your Overture or Google Ad Campaign Reports into VisitorVille, and discover, for each search term (and any time frame you want), the following:

  • Total Cost
  • Number of Visitors
  • Number of Visits
  • Average Cost per Visitor
  • Average Time on Web Site
  • Average Time per Page
  • Number of Sales
  • Conversion %
  • Sales Total
  • Cost per Sale

Search Engine Click Analysis

You can also compare the click patterns of visitors coming from Google or Overture, to the click patterns of visitors as a whole, using the Ad Campaign Reports Click Analyzer. This works much like the regular VisitorVille Click Analyzer, but with a difference:

For each link on your web page, in the Click Analyzer you will see two tags: the left one indicates the percentage of visitors from your Google or Overture ad campaigns clicked on this link; the right one indicates the percentage of all visitors who clicked on this link.



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