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VisitorVille: Client-Level Access

With VisitorVille, you can create multiple profiles (sites that you track), and provide access to your clients to any (or all) of these profiles.

For example, if you are a web site designer, you can set up tracking for each of your clients, and then allow each of them to view only their own site!

Give your clients access to view their own web sites

In the example above, you are setting up VisitorVille for one of your clients (named "Jane Smith"). You are giving Jane access to use VisitorVille to view both of her sites, but not the site that belongs to Jones Inc (another of your clients).

All your client has to do is install VisitorVille, and the profiles you have created for them will be immediately accessible -- they'll waste no time setting anything up!

To add a client to your VisitorVille account, just go under the Options|Subscription Options menu in VisitorVille. The cost for each of your clients is a mere 20% of your membership price (so if you pay $6.95/month, you'll be charged just $1.39/month extra for your client to have full access to VisitorVille).



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